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Lido com tecnologia desde 1995, moro no Rio, onde levo uma vida minimalista.

Como todo bom geek, preciso ir a fundo nas coisas. O que me tornou um estudioso do pensamento oriental e  ocidental.

Amante do conhecimento, preciso compartilhar o que aprendo. Palestras, livros, vídeos, podcasts, blogs, ... que produzo não são à toa.

Nada convencional, meditante, artista marcial, corredor, indexado (organizado), produtivo ...

What i offer.


Unusual thinking brings me new perspectives to old problems and fair answers to new ones.


If you are trying to do anything without using technology, you're doing it wrong.


This mix helps me to help others to achieve the same I got into my life.

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What people say.

Tander Lima

Sorry to interrupt. But I feel compeled to thank you for making my life easier. Your tips are like new neurons borning in my brain. Your analogies are magnanimous, perfects and help me to see things clearly. Thanks, Coca.

Priscila Santos

How can be possible that some people don't know Gustavo Faria? I met him last year and since I heard him every single day. I feel mentally guilty when I don't, and start to remenber "I need to hear him" :)

Leonardo Rosalem

Thanks for everything you do. I lear so much, thanks for being who you are and share all you know. Committed professional, a real master and a friend.

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